January 2014

Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

PO Box 28 Spit Junction NSW Australia 2088



AWPA report - West Papua 2013


This report details incidents of human rights abuses and events that occurred in West Papua during 2013. In the report AWPA uses the name “West Papua” to refer to the whole of the western half of the Island of New Guinea. However, “West Papua” at this time is divided into two provinces, Papua and West Papua.

The fiftieth anniversary of the handover of West Papua to Indonesian administration occurred in May 2013. On the 1 May in 1963, the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) transferred administration of the Dutch colony of Netherlands New Guinea to Indonesia. From the moment Indonesia took over the administration from UNTEA, the oppression of the West Papuan people began and 50 years later the oppression continues and so does the struggle of the West Papuan people for self-determination.


Download het rapport als pdf