It's my struggle in United Nations Permanent Forum with Valmaine Toki and Bernard Kaisiepo in Holland finally UN gave Recommendation for West Papua. 

I send it in attachment.: pdf

Conclusions and recommendations

52. It is undisputed that colonization has been detrimental to Pacific island
nations, that indigenous peoples have a right to self-determination and that
decolonization of the Pacific is problematic. The Third International Decade for the
Eradication of Colonialism notwithstanding, there remain Pacific islands seeking
independence from their colonizers.
53. New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Hawaii and West Papua are all seeking the
right to self-determination. All have encountered a problematic process and many are
experiencing unacceptable human rights violations that are further exacerbating this
process. These problems notwithstanding, there is a process to seek decolonization
through the Special Committee. In view of the important process with which the
Committee is tasked, it is recommended that adequate funding continue.
54. In view of the problems faced, it is further suggested that a relevant United Nations
agency should consider convening an expert group meeting on the decolonization of
the Pacific to work in conjunction with the Special Committee to assess applications
for independence.

Regards; John Anari Chairman WPLO URL: