• Indigenous landowners in Sorong, West Papua province, are being
exploited by the Kayu Lapis Indonesia Group (KLI) for plantations
development – at great cost to them and their forests.


• Documents obtained by EIA/Telapak reveal “land rental” agreements
provide Moi landowners with as little as US$ 0.65 per hectare –
land projected to be worth US$ 5,000 per hectare once developed.

• Timber payments are equally bad: KLI has paid landowners as little
as US $25 per cubic metre of merbau – wood KLI sells for US$ 875
on export.

• Legal norms in permit allocation and timber harvesting have been
routinely flouted, with little to no law enforcement by either the
national or provincial government.

• International investors – including Norway’s Government Pension
Fund Global (GPFG) – are profiting from the situation. This highlights
a failure to incorporate commodity and investment market
reforms into the REDD+ agenda, resulting in the perverse financial
incentives of those markets continuing to undermine efforts to
reduce deforestation and deliver sustainable development for
Indonesia's indigenous peoples.


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