In June 2002, the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) in Indonesia
commissioned Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) to carry out an opinion survey in Indonesia’s
geographically largest province, Papua. This report outlines the results of the opinion survey that
was conducted from September to November 2002. The results are based on 3,450 respondents
throughout all 12 kabupaten (districts) in Papua. One portion of the total sample (n=1846) was
chosen randomly to represent the total population of Papua in both urban and rural areas. In
addition, a quota sample (n=1604) of 8 tribes was selected to gain a more insightful
understanding of some of the indigenous people in Papua.
The objective of the survey was to gather a broad selection of data to provide to various
stakeholders with an interest in Papua and its future developments. Key groups include Papuabased
universities and academic institutions, non-government organizations (NGOs),
government bodies, and private enterprises who have established or wish to establish a presence
in Papua. The survey explored a number of relevant topics including education, health,
transportation, economic situation, culture, environmental protection, media penetration and
attitudes held by the people of Papua.

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