cover hernawan-papua a cartography

Jakarta, Inst. for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM). 101 p.

This book written by Dr Budi Hernawan, a scholar and activist who spent more than a decade of living and working inside Papua to deal with issues of human rights, Papua: a cartography of violence and civic movements encapsulates the essence of the Papua problems structured in five themes, including governance, state of human rights, Papua and international diplomacy, civic movements and fate of dialogue. The anthology covers a significant period of seven years (2009-2016) in which the author uses two major lenses of violence and civic movements in making sense the social and political trajectories in Papua. So the book does not only depict problems but more importantly, highlights the ways in which various civil society initiatives and responses address the problems. In other words, we are not only presented with problems but with hope, which becomes the source of energy for change for the better in Papua.

All articles have been published in various reputable outlets, mostly in English and few originally in Indonesian, so the reader will be offered with a wide range of reflection on the issues as they are pitched to international audience. Being part of civic movements in Papua, the author has the privilege to reflect on the situation as both an insider and outsider so his presentation is nuanced and calibrated with the local context as well as a critical examination. Free download at