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Publication Information: Book Title: The United Nations and the Indonesian Takeover of West Papua, 1962-1969: The Anatomy of Betrayal. Contributors: John Saltford - author. Publisher: Routledge. Place of Publication: London. Publication Year: 2002. Page Number: iv.

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Acknowledgements viii

Key individuals ix

Abbreviations xiv

Chronology, 1945-1969 xvi

Map of West New Guinea during the 1960s xxvii

Introduction 1

1 Background, 1949-1962 5

The 1950s 5

Moves towards Papuan self-rule 9

The Luns Plan 10

Dutch/Indonesian talks and US pressure 11

Summary 13

2 Preparations for UNTEA, 15 August to 1 October 1962 15

The end of US interest and the search for a UN security force 15

Ceasefire 16

Indonesian suspicion of the Netherlands 18

Papuan reaction 19

The West Papuan flag 21

Indonesian troops 22

Problems in recruiting UNTEA staff 23

Australian reaction 25

UN General Assembly debate, September 1962 25

3 UNTEA 1962 27

The first weeks of UNTEA 27

Indonesia’s campaign against UNTEA and Papuan self-determination 31

UNTEA Divisional Commissioners’ attitudes towards the Indonesian campaign 34

1 December Papuan march banned by UNTEA 38

Increased tension and outbreaks of violence 42

Summary 45