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Pioneers, Settlers, Aliens, Exiles Anomie and violence - Whole Book (1.8 MB) PDF

  1. Healing a fractured transition to democracy
  2. Papua
  3. Maluku and North Maluku
  4. Central Sulawesi
  5. West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan
  6. Aceh
  7. First steps towards a theory of peacebuilding

Hoofdstuk 2 Papua downloaden als pdf 

John Braithwaite - Biography

John Braithwaite is an Australian Research Council Federation Fellow and Founder of RegNet (the Regulatory Institutions Network) at the Australian National University .

He is embarking on a 20-year comparative project called 'Peacebuilding Compared', with Hilary Charlesworth, Valerie Braithwaite and Kate Macfarlane. In the past he has worked on a variety of areas of business regulation and on the crime problem. His best known work is on the ideas of responsive regulation and restorative justice.

John Braithwaite has been active in social movement politics around these and other ideas for 40 years in Australia and internationally. His most recent book is Regulatory Capitalism: How it works, ideas for making it work better (2008).

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