Two of the EU delegation to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam is Charles Whiteley and Florian Witt, Wednesday (17 / 2) yesterday met with the DPRP leadership at around 15:30 CET at the office of the DPRP leadership.
The two delegations are only accepted by the Vice Chairman of DPRP Jonah I Wonda, as Chairman of DPRP, Drs. John Ibo, MM is a task out. The second coming of this delegation wanted to learn about the political situation and social situation in Papua.

After the meeting, First Secretary Head of Political, Press and Information of the European Union to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, Charles Whiteley said the purpose of his visit to Papua is to learn about the developing situation in Papua today, whether it is about the political situation and social situation.
"We visit Papua because there is a desire in the European Union headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and even in the European Parliament for more details to know about the political situation in Papua," he said to reporters after the meeting.
It said, in addition to meeting with the DPRP, it also plans to meet with the Governor of Papua Province and other government agencies, and the Papua People's Assembly (MRP) and several NGOs in Papua. Therefore, it was in this Jayapura until Friday (19 / 2) tomorrow. "In the future there will certainly be a conclusion and as a follow-up reports of our meetings in Papua," he said, which translated Florian Witt.
Meanwhile, Vice Chairman I DPRP, Wonda Jonah expresses, in the EU Delegation's visit to see the DPRP is to find out more about some of the problems in Papua, therefore, it only provided three major aspects that occurred in Papua is about the implementation of special autonomy in Papua, violations of human rights, and about the benefits of Respect program.
Wonda Yunus explains, about the programs that run Respect the Papua Provincial Government DPRP basically very supportive, yet to be seen again is the value of the money given to people in villages. Since not be equated between the communities in the mountains to the coast. "The value of Rp 100 million in coastal areas that may be enough to touch, but the USD 100 million in the mountains can not be helped, so did not rule out governments need to increase to over USD 300 million," he said.
However, further Wonda Yunus, the most important is how the EU can encourage progress in Papua particularly for education and health problems, because the desire DPRP is any delegation from abroad do not just come and then walk away without any result. "We hope that with their arrival there was to Papua results. Desired is a change or a more serious assistance in order to enhance the welfare of the people of Papua first to education and health sectors, the article up to now travel in the Papua Special Autonomy could not leave history can be remembered by our children and grandchildren later that this was the result of the Special Autonomy in Papua , "