TEMPO Interactive, Timika:The situation in Timika has started to heat up again. After the resolution of a tribal war, Papuans are now demanding a referendum.

Yesterday, at around midday, about one thousand Papuans in Timika demanded another referendum to decide Papua political status.

“We Papuans question the political status of the Papuan nation,” said rally participant Damaris Onawame in front of the Mimika Regional House of Representatives yesterday.

The rally also supported the registration of International Parliamentarian for West Papua (IPWP) and International Lawyers for West Papua in Brussels (ILWP), Belgium.

In the rally, they held a big white banner that said “We West Papuans Fully Support the ILWP and IPWP registration at the European Union, Brussels, Belgium,”

West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Chairman Buchtar Tabuni in a press release appealed to all Papuan to support this international measure.

One KNPB figure, Mario Pekey, in front of members of the house and the crowds, said that a referendum on Papua should be reorganized.

“At this moment, in Belgium, they have registered international laws expert to speak about West Papua’s political status and to convey that the 1969 referendum was legally flawed and asked the United Nations to reorganize a referendum,” said Mario.

Damaris Onawame in his speech said that violence against Papuans has occurred since the 1960’s. “The Papuans who are standing now are survivors,” he said.