The Department of Transportation will mediate the conflict between Garuda Indonesia and Airfast Aviation Facilities Company (AVCO) regarding the incident of fuel supply denial for a Garuda plane on January 3, at Mozez Kilangin airport, Timika. "We want to bring together Garuda and AVCO, Thursday, at 10.00 WIB," said the Communication Center chief of the Department of Transportation, Bambang Supriyadi Ervan, Jakarta. According to Bambang, Garuda will review its flights to Timika. However, we can expect to still fly there, and as the national airline we still care for the people's needs. Aside from the dispute of Garuda, the Department of Transportation as the current management of the airport is now focusing its attention to the service sector for the people of Timika.

So, even if Garuda's review comes up with the worst possible result that its management decides to stop its service to Timika, the government will still prioritize the people's needs. "We look to the future, not just for today. Therefore, if Garuda decides to stop flying to Timika, of course we will offer the route to other airlines. We wouldn't want the flights serving the people to be hampered, considering that the market has been developed. But, we expect Garuda not to stop flying to Timika."

Though AVCO has provided avtur, Garuda decided not to fly to Mozez Kilangin airport until there is assurance for full supply. The reason for this is to ensure plane fuel availability for routes through Papua. It should be noted that AVCO's letter of statement to continue serving avtur for Garuda planes was sent to Garuda's management on January 5, 2010, or two days after this subsidiary of PT Freeport Indonesia decided to stop its service for Garuda at Mozez Kilangin.

Garuda VP Corporate Secretary Pujobroto stated that his company will meet AVCO at the Department of Transportation office, Thursday. Garuda, according to Pujo, will maintain its first stand, which is to apply requirements according to the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). "Garuda must also ensure that spare fuel supply is available."

The spare fuel supply is needed if the plane must do a holding, which means to fly around before landing, or when it must do a diversion, which is to change its landing location. The need for sufficient fuel is crucial considering that the weather in various areas or destination cities has often been unpredictable nowadays.