November  20, 2023

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On 24 April 2021 officials of the Executive Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua officially had established two (2) Political Parties in Manokwari. West Papua has two (2) political parties, namely:

1. Papua United Party

2. Papua Democratic Party

To maintain political balance between the government and the people and avoid national disunity, there are only two (2) political parties that can win 108 seats in the central parliament, Each Provincial has 35 seats and each Regency / or municipality has 20 seats with healthy and rationale of the political competition.

The total population of West Papua is currently 2,500,000 more so in the political calculations with 108 seats in the center and the Provincial has 35 Seats and Regency / Municipality has 20 seats including elect of President, Prime Minister, Giovernors, Regents and Mayors by Political Parties.

The Executive Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua will establish a General Election Commission and Independent Election Supervisory Agency as the organizer and supervision of the Papua General Election.

 Election Supervisory Committee’s Authority On Election Monitoring. A general election that is independently and regularly conducted is one of the criteria for a democratic political system. According to Law No. 15 of 2011, the election organizer is the Election Supervisory Committee which is entrusted to supervise all stages of the general election. Hence, the Election Supervisory Committee’s authority needs to be optimized in order to realize a democratic electoral system. Accordingly, this study aims to determine the Election Supervisory Committee’s authority on election monitoring. The research method used in this study is a normative juridical approach which is to examine the legal materials which have empirical nature.

The analysis method used qualitative analysis, a method to examine object quality, and then translated sentences in order to obtain the discussion or exposure to systematic and understandable.

The results showed the effectiveness of the Election Supervisory Committee’s authority in conducting preventive measures would reduce the general election violation.

West Papua will soon make a census to count the population of West Papua and then prepare to conduct the first general election throughout the entire land of West Papua as soon as possible by peace.

By  Yoab Syatfle

Prime Minister of the State and Islands of, and Executive Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua,Chairman of the Executive Committee of the WEST PAPUAN Liberation Organization