On behalf of the ULMWP, I welcome the call from the MSG Leaders’ Summit for Indonesia to allow the long-awaited visit of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to West Papua. I hope that the MSG Chair will honour the commitment to write to Indonesia as a matter of urgency, as every day that international intervention is delayed sees more West Papuans suffer and more Melanesian blood spilt.

Even in the run up to the MSG summit, with the eyes of the Pacific region on human rights in West Papua, Indonesia brutally cracked down on peaceful rallies in favour of ULMWP full membership, arresting dozens and killing innocent civilians. As an Associate Member of the MSG, Indonesia must respect the Chair’s demand. If they continue to deny the UN access, they will be in violation of the unified will of the Melanesian region. As the Leaders’ Communique stated, the UN visit must occur this year, in order for the Commissioner’s report to be put before the next MSG summit in 2024.


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