The Damai Cartenz Task Force 2023 has secured 13 firearms and 710 rounds of ammunition of various calibres from the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB).

The Task Force’s Head of Operation, Police Grand Commissioner Faizal Ramadhani revealed that in addition to firearms and ammunition, his party also secured16 magazines, 136 bladed weapons, and 76 units of mobile phones.

In addition, 23 units of handy talkies (HT), four units of SSB (single side band) radio, seven cameras and binoculars, four laptop computers and four Morning Star flags were also secured.

He explained that of the 13 confiscated firearms, as many as six guns were obtained from Nduga Regency, four from Jayapura Regency, two from Puncak Regency and one gun from Jayapura Regency.

According to the Grand Commissioner, the confiscation of 13 firearms and various other equipment is proof of the seriousness of the Police and Army (TNI) in eradicating the KKB in Papua.

Faizal said Operation Damai Cartenz 2023 is a strict and measurable law enforcement operation against KKB who commit security disturbances against the Papuan people.

In addition to securing firearms and other equipment, said Faizal, his party has detained 31 KKB members, who will undergo legal proceedings.

He said the KKB members who were prosecuted were those for whom there was evidence, while those for whom there was insufficient evidence were released by investigators.

“Investigators are still completing files before they are submitted to prosecutors for further legal proceedings,” Mr Faizal said in Jayapura, as quoted from Antara, Wednesday (3/5).