10 April 2023

Referring to the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States of 26 December 1933, and the UN Charter of 1 January 1942, to the Far Eastern Commission clarifying and invoking Article 73 of the UN Charter for non-self-governing territories entitled to self-determination, as to Formosa, and mutatis mutandis pursuant to US policy long established or enunciated for the West Papuan Peoples and Nation. The Federal Republic of West Papua is seeking and pursuing into the United Nations Agenda and United Nations to grant us Membership.

The Executive Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua has 19 Cabinet Ministers and State and Government Institutions, and local governments of 10 Provinces, 88 Regencies, 10 municipalities, and 3 Special Areas. We are administering, running, and strengthening the structure of the Executive Government throughout the entire land of West Papua.

West Papua is an interim or emergency state and the 2.5 million people of West Papua are honored and expressing our gratitude for the high esteem, sympathy, and support we are receiving from the countries of the Pacific Islands Forum and the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Group States put West Papua on the agenda. It is our firm belief that our return to the Pacific Islands Forum fold is neither a mistake nor coincidental as in fact we belong to Pacific Region. The People of West Papua are of the Pacific race and have a close affinity and share common customs and traditions with the people of the Pacific Islands Forum.

We firmly believe that the human rights abuses and sufferings in Papua will only come to an end when West Papua gains its full political recognition and independence from Indonesia.

The Special Autonomy Law 21 2001 will end on 1 November 2021 during 20 years Indonesian government never implemented it well in its entirety in the land of West Papua to be more specific the Special Autonomy has totally failed in West Papua and it never protected nor brought general welfare to the Indigenous people of West Papua. The Executive Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua is prepared and ready to take over the power from Indonesia’s authority in the entire land of West Papua at the end of the Special Autonomy in West Papua in 2021.

The Executive government of the Federal Republic of West Papua is seeking political recognition of independence from the United Nations and the United Nations will grant us membership and an orderly and Peaceful transition and transfer of power from the state of Indonesia to the State of West Papua which shall be carried out under the auspices of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force.

The Papua United Party and the Papuan Democratic Party were initiated and established by officials of the Executive Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua. These two political parties can control and maintain a political balance between the people and the government.

The Federal Republic of West Papua will guarantee all Indonesian people and Foreigners presently residing in West Papua the right to citizenship and ensure their safety and security from the time of independence and beyond.

The Federal Republic of West Papua is a peace-loving state which accepts the obligations contained in the present UN Charter and we are able and willing to carry out these obligations.

Written by:

Yoab Syatfle

Prime Minister of the Executive Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua