Buchtar Tabuni

Buchtar Tabuni

The coordinator of the West Papua National Parliament (PNWP) Buchtar Tabuni is being questioned by investigators from the Jayapura City Police. He is suspected of holding a meeting with his group regarding the plan to form an interim government in Heram District, Jayapura.

“It is true that Monday afternoon, Buchtar Tabuni fulfilled the summons of the Jayapura City Police investigators and is now being investigated regarding activities carried out with his group in the Walker Camp area, Heram District, Jayapura,” said Jayapura City Police Chief Commissioner Victor Mackbon, in Jayapura, Monday (17/10). /2022).

He also stated that from the report he received, the meeting that Buchtar Tabuni and his group had held since Saturday (15/10/2022) was attended by around 50 of his supporters. The meeting discussed the plan to declare the formation of an interim government called the West Papua Council.

Mackbon said, from reports received by the group, they immediately declared the interim government. This activity is disturbing the residents. He added that from that report, the police then investigated and summoned the person concerned for questioning.