Otsus Governance

MRP Highlights Otsus Governance in West Papua

A member of the Papuan People’s Council Customary Working Group (MRP-PB) of West Papua Province, Anthon Rumbruren, highlighted the governance in the use of special autonomy funds (Otsus), as well as taking sides with indigenous Papuans (OAP) in accordance with the mandate of Law (UU) No. 2 of 2021 concerning Special Autonomy for Papua.

This was conveyed by Anthon, in the Radio Interactive Dialogue “From Papua for Indonesia with the theme “The Role of Indigenous Peoples to Support the Acceleration of Community Welfare Development in Papua, which was held by the Ministry of Communication and Information and RRI Manokwari, Tuesday (18/10/2022).

According to Anton, there must be togetherness from all stakeholders in order to realize a clean government. Anthon said development in West Papua should be felt by all levels of society. According to him, the use of special autonomy funds needs assistance so that it is right on target.

“We also hope that there will be political, economic, social, health and welfare protection for OAP,” he said.

Anthon added that his party appreciates the steps taken by the Ministry of Communication and Information to disseminate information related to development in West Papua. Meanwhile, an academic from the University of Papua, Helena T.Tuririday, said that indigenous peoples can play a role in improving welfare.

According to Helena, the aspirations of indigenous peoples should be accommodated by the central and local governments. Helena emphasized that the stigma of indigenous peoples hindering development is not appropriate. Helena also highlighted the issue of improving the governance of the implementation of Otsus in West Papua. He stated the need for assistance to the people in West Papua in carrying out special autonomy.