Announcing PEACE IN PAPUA! @Peace1nPapua on Insta and Twitter


The civil resistance in West Papua is steadfast, creative, diverse and growing. Wage Peace is working closely with organisers in West Papua towards our shared goal of ending Indonesian state violence in the occupied territory. Papuans are calling for the withdrawal of Indonesian troops and the start of peaceful dialogue. We are calling for a ban on military exports to Indonesia and a suspension of joint military and police training exercises between Australia and Indonesia.

We have campaigned for demilitarisation in West Papua for over two years already. We have run multiple actions and interventions at the Australian Federal Police and SAS facilities, and at the factories and offices of arms dealers selling to Indonesia. Rheinmetall, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Thales, Elbit and EOS have all had a taste of our disruptive tactics. Wage Peace is now taking this campaign global, with a new logo and a new name: Peace in Papua. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter

Download here the entire message:

Peace in Papua Across the World: Prepare for Waging Peace against Boeing and other weapons corporations.