BP Amoco Eyes Chinese Market for Papuan LNG PDF Afdrukken E-mailadres
woensdag 05 juli 2000 01:00

BP-Amoco Co. Plc, the largest gas production sharing contractor in
the country said it would make China the largest buyer for liquefied
natural gas (LNG) it would produce from a gas field in Papua.

The company is building an LNG plant at a cost of US$3 billion in
Tangguh, Papua, formerly Irian Jaya.

A company official, Andrew Barton, said the Tangguh plant would be
the largest LNG processing facility in the country. Indonesia, the
world's largest supplier of LNG, already has LNG plants in Arun of
Aceh and in Bontang of East Kalimantan.

"Chinese market is highly prospective, and Indonesia will still the
world's largest exporter of LNG," Barton was quoted as saying by the
newspaper Bisnis Indonesia.

Mines and Energy Minister S. B. Yudhoyono is leading a team
including Bill Schrader, President of BP Amoco Indonesia, in a visit
to China to promote sales of Tangguh LNG in China.

Considering the geographical position, China would buy LNG from
Indonesia rather than from Middle East, Barton said.

He said China, which is building a number of large cities would need
LNG as a clean energy source.

China has built LNG terminal in the southern part of that country,
he added.