Indonesian brutality in West Papua reaches new lows PDF Afdrukken

Reports that Indonesian police opened fire on peaceful protestors in Nabire, injuring 10 people including a 9 year old boy, send a message to the international community that urgent intervention by a UN peacekeeping force is required in West Papua.

Over 100,000 innocent people have been killed by Indonesia since the occupation of West Papua. It is a genocide that puts Indonesia to shame as a murderous country.

The recent undercover report by BBC News gave a strong insight into the determination of the people of West Papua to be free from Indonesia, and the election boycott is a clear signal to the outside world that the people of West Papua do not recognise themselves as Indonesians. They are Melanesians.

The world must come together now, just like they did 10 years ago in East Timor.
It is time to send the murderous Indonesian regime back to Jakarta, and put in place the means for a peaceful referendum on independence so that the Papuan population can choose their own future.