AWPA calls on the Australian Government to send observers/cross-party delegation to West-Papua PDF Afdrukken

AWPA:*Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)*

As the situation deteriorates further in West Papua with more arrests and the shooting of protesters, the Australia West Papua Association calls on the Australian Government to send observers to investigate the human rights situation in West Papua.

Joe Collins of AWPA said “the Australian Government says it continuous to raise the human rights situation in West Papua with the Indonesian Government, however, from recent events just raising the issue is not enough. The Australian Government should immediately send observers from the Australian embassy in Jakarta to report to the government on the the current situation in the territory. This visit should be followed by a cross-party delegation to investigate the human rights situation there”.
It is in Australia’s interest to have a stable region to our north but this will not happen by ignoring what is going on in West Papua. The recent rallies by West Papuans calling for democracy and independence shows that the West Papuan people are still struggling for their rights 46 years after Jakarta took over administration of the former Dutch colony from UNTEA (the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority). This shows the issue of West Papua is not going away and the Australian Government should be encouraging the Indonesian president to meet with representatives of the West Papuan people to discuss the many issues of concern before the situation deteriorates further.