The Vanuatu Free West Papua Association says the government needs to clarify its position on the independence of Papua.

The Daily Post reports that the Prime Minister’s office issued a statement, following the cancellation of a peaceful march, saying that Vanuatu’s diplomatic relationship with Indonesia means that, legally, it accepts Indonesia’s sovereignty over West Papua.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister says he is currently seeking advice on whether the Government should restate its posititon on Papua for clarity.

But the Association’s Pastor, Alain Nafuki, says that is a change in stance from the government, and especially its leading party, the Vanua’aku Party.

“And we the churches, and the chiefs of Vanuatu and the people in general think that is not right, we think we should come back to the original policy of the early government. Although we may respect the ties between Indonesia and Vanuatu we still support the struggle for self-determination.”

Alain Nafuki says the planned protest will now go ahead on Friday, which is a public holiday in Vanuatu.