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December 1st Flag Raising

December 1st 2018 marked 57 years since the Morning Star flag was first raised in 1961 before West Papua was invaded by Indonesia. The flag is recognised as the national flag of West Papua and continues to be the defining symbol for a Free West Papua. As you know each year people around the world proudly raise the Morning Star in solidarity, to commemorate all the lives fallen, and in hope for the day that the flag will be raised again in a free West Papua.

We wanted to say a huge thank you to the thousands of people around the world who participated in the flag raising and for standing in solidarity with the people of West Papua.

This year’s best photo competition is still to be decided. This Christmas we will be asking supporters to decide on the best photo, so keep an eye out - it could be your photo!

To see all of the photos, click here to be re-directed to our new online and interactive map showing all the places across the world supporters raised the Morning Star! We plan to continue updating this map with every beautiful show of solidarity around the world so keep on sending us your events and photos and let’s continue to light up the world for West Papua.

Today, as you know, it is illegal to raise this flag in West Papua and people who do, face arrest, torture, and potentially long jail sentences. As people around the world heeded the call to action and freely and without reprisals raised the Morning Star in a show of solidarity with West Papua, the people of West Papua were facing arrest and assaults for doing exactly the same thing. Across Indonesia, this December 1st, 595 individuals, both Melanesian and their allies, were arrested for peacefully participating in non-violent actions.


Call to Action

West Papua is currently facing serious increased violence, and brutal attacks on civil society. In the last 24 hours hundreds of people have been arrested in West Papua for coming out on the street rejecting Indonesia’s occupation.

For urgent updates, PLEASE go to our Facebook. You can help by and share all news. Tagging the media, human rights groups, the UN and your networks.

Mass Arrests and Arbitrary Detention

Nine days after the December 1st arrests, on International Human Rights Day, thousands of West Papuans marched in peaceful demonstrations across every area of the region. On a day that was supposed to be about honouring the UN's adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, West Papuans ironically has several of those rights violated by the Indonesian oppressors.

According to an initial reports 90 participants were arrested. In the Timka and Merauke regions police confiscated megaphones, pamphlets, and mobile phones. Among those arrested were two children, both only one years old.

This situation comes at a time of increased violence in West Papua, including suspected extra judicial killings in the region. Urgent issues of concern also include increased military presence, the killing of civilians caught in crossfire in the mountain regions, and armed civilian movements of Papuans protecting their villages. The urgent situation happening in Nduga has gained international attention.

For more information about all these cases please visit our website by clicking here.

Again, please help by sharing all news, tagging the media, human rights groups, the UN, and your networks to help us #KeepWestPapuaSafe



Benny Wenda interviewed about Interpol Red Notice and abuse of power

Benny Wenda was interviewed on Channel 4 News in the UK on November 20 regarding his experience with the unfair use of Interpol Red Notices.

In a story about the Kremlin denouncing what it calls 'western meddling' in an election, Britain and the United States are urging the international police agency 'Interpol' not to elect a former Russian interior ministry official as its new chief. Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable says that if Alexander Prokopchuk is appointed, it will be like turning Interpol into a “Branch of the Russian mafia.”

Because of Wenda’s history with the Indonesian government’s abuses of power and constant efforts to oppress him and the people of West Papua, he is one of the few people in the world who can speak to the unique experience of having a government misuse their Interpol member status.


As detailed above, on December 1st people around the globe raised the Morning Star Flag in a strong show of solidarity for West Papuan freedom. Over 100 #GlobalFlagRaising demonstrations were held across the world and in every region of West Papua.

Taking up the cause in Manchester, the incredible MCR Punks For West Papua team threw a very loud and passionate gig to help raise awareness in the UK.

Legendary Manchester punk bands supporting the cause were 'Witch Fever,' 'The Membranes,' 'The Blinders,' and 'MFU.' The venue was filled to capacity and the evening was a resounding success!

A second December event, and the final Rockin' event called 'Rockin' The Mic for West Papua' took place in London on 15th December. Organised by HIP HOP HUB UK, over 20 bands, including Carpetface and Jimi Lyons got together to add their voices to the global call for freedom for West Papua using #Musicisaweapon!

We are hoping 2019 will continue to attract artists internationally to continue this creative and powerful show of solidarity for West Papua.


Upcoming Actions

We have some other really exciting actions and events coming up and we would love for you to be involved.

Click here to see what we have coming up and how you can get involved!



We are really grateful for any and all financial contributions to the Free West Papua Campaign. Every single penny is directed towards the work of the campaign and the ULMWP.