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dinsdag 30 november 1999 01:00
The situation in Puncak Jaya is now distressing due to terrors.
Senin, 31 Mei 2010, 14:25 WIB
Elin Yunita Kristanti
  (VIVAnews/ Banjr Ambarita)
VIVAnews - The Indonesian Police tightens security in Puncak Jaya, Papua. After sending in a companion of Mobile Brigade force to the area, the Papuan Police Department will also add more personnel in Puncak Jaya to arrest the members of the separatist group Free Papua Organization.

"If more personnel are needed to control the situation, we'll certainly deploy more personnel to Puncak Jaya," said Chief of Papua Police Department, Inspector General Bekto Suprapto, today in Jayapura.

According to him, the situation in Puncak Jaya is now distressing due to terrors made by armed groups in the area.

After the Free Papua Organization's chief, Werius Telenggen, was shot to death, the separatis group has grown more disturbing. They have aimed fire to Indonesian Military posts and police officers.

The separatists shot security officers working in Puncak Jaya on Friday, May 21, and Saturday, May 22. As a result, two Indonesian Military members were injured from the incident.

Speculation aroused that the action was a form of revenge over the death of Werius Telenggen, cheif of YPN/OPM of Kampung Yambi village, Mulia District, Puncak Jaya. Werius was shot to death by joint forces of the Indonesian Military and the Indonesian Police on May 17.


Coverage by: Banjir Ambarita| Papua
Translated by: Bonardo Maulana W