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Latest CONFIRMED information received on situation inside is as follows. This is a follow on to the previous media alerts on the demonstrations in West Papua to call for referendum. AT END OF EMAIL IS REPORT FROM INSIDE ON CHRONOLGY

At 1000 AM East Indonesia time, MONDAY MARCH 3, West Papuan students and political figures were gathering in Abepura to demand a referendum and dialogue with Indonesian government.

Despite other POLRI area commanders allowing the peaceful demonstrations across West Papua, Paramilitary police mobile brigade BRIMOB refused to allow gathering to take place, and subsequently gave order to disperse. Peaceful Demonstrators were beaten, and 70 were taken into custody. In the Evening, 67 detainees were released on summons with many sustaining serious injuries. It is unclear as to what condition the protestors are in as all means of communication with outside world has been cut.

On ground commander unclear, although all acting under command of Captain D Rumaropen (+62 (0) 81344183583).
Edison Waromi, leader of West Papua National Authority, and Marthen Manggaprow attended Abepura prison yesterday evening to negotiate release and charges. They were subsequently arrested, and this morning (Tuesday) they have been transferred to Jayapura POLRES (HQ) for charging. Preliminary indications are that they will be in Court on Thursday, although this may change. They also are being held incommunicado along with Jenggo Rumboirusi.
We have received information that direct witnesses to the police violence have had their means of communication removed by intelligence and military personnel, as well as cameras seized. There is grave concern for many witnesses’ safety and freedom from arbitrary persecution.

We are unable to make contact with witnesses to get on the ground third party confirmation, however we are confident that events have happened. Journalists must contact police, military and foreign Affairs and can get more answers.
Please call the BRIBTU police office on +62 967 533162 to ask questions on:

• Why did POLRI disallow a protest and disperse it violently?
• Why are these key West Papua leaders being held?
• What are they being charged with?
• What happened at Abepura that caused they
• How many people were arrested?
• Who is being held?
• What were they arrested for?
• How many people were released?
• Have they been charged or summonsed?
• When is the trial?
• Why are key witnesses being held incommunicado?

This is Abepura head police captain d.rumaropen hp.81344183583
Police Papua province hp:967 531 014
Kapolres Manokwari tlp.0986 211359: rmh dins kapolres tlp.0986 211355: Waka (Deputi Commander) Polres.tlp.0986 211826..

Attached are demands from the West Papuan political leadership (In Bahasa – apologies as no professional translator available).

700 People attended peaceful demonstrations
Peaceful demonstrations also in Serui, Sorong, Nabire, Jakarta and Sulawesi, with call for referendum.

Ongoing information, please contact:
Dr Jacob Rumbiak
Australia, Mobile +61 (0)4313 88 976 or +61 (0)3 9510 2193
Co-ordinator, Foreign Affairs, West Papua National Authority

Wilson Urwaya
Serui (West Papua National Authority) is +62 812 400 093 98, +62 852 444 374 10.

Jack Wainggai
West Papua, Manokwari, Mobile +62 (0)852 443 404 79, +62 813 445 671 05 , +62 852 384 985 00.
Student leader and spokesperson for West Papua National Authority, Manokwari, West Papua

Paul Mambrasa
West Papua, Mobile +62 (0)81344 520 776
Elsham Human Rights Centre, West Papua

MEDIA CONSIDERATIONS: Photographs and Video are still trying to be sent, please be patient; people with footage are being hunted by intelligence and are taking countermeasures. MORE INFO AS IT COMES TO HAND.

This Alert and Media co-ordination has been prepared by Nick Chesterfield, Independent Human Security and Media Consultant to West Papua Movement. www.manukoreri.net +61(0)409 268 978 Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien. GPG Key available on request
Reporter by Djenggo Nuburi
On 2 February 2008, the Peace Rally Committee had written a letter to the POLRESTA ( Jayapura police regency level) asking permission for a peaceful rally (which follow Indonesian regulation no.9/1998 concerning the Guarantee of public freedom of speech and expression). The permision letter were signing by George Daisiu ( head of committee), Petrus (Secretary of the committee) both of them also members of West Papua National Youth Tribes Councilof Jayapura.
On the 3 March 2008 08:00AM West Papua time, more than 50 West Papuan youth and students were gethered on the front of Toko Baru (New Shop) opposite the Main Post Office of South Jayapura, started to move from Jalan Sentani Raya to the front of the campus of the Cenderawasih State University at Abepura. At the time Mr Markus Yenu (Coordinator of the peace rally) and Mr Elias Weah gave oration. 15 minutes later some Indonesian intelligence arrived, followed by the District Police Commander Captain Dominggus Rumaropen and District Military Commander, supported by one police truck, and other three cars (look picture 7). They arrived to stop the peace rally. The committee of peace rally worked very hard to negotiate and tell police that they had informed them by letter about this on 28 February 2008. However police still rejected this and proceeded to start attacking, beating and torturing the students. Mr Marthin Luther Manggaprow continued to negotiate with police for peace, but he and Frenky got caught and handcuffed by police.
Police, military and intelligence continued to intimidate and terrorise the students. (It was indicated that Police) were trying to create another situation like 16 March 2006 (Translators note: The anti-Freeport demonstrations that resulted in 3 dead agents provocateur, and over 70 students, and created hundreds of refugees). This was immediately understood by the students and they maintained strong discipline and successful conflict resolution and avoidance. The students ended action outside Toko Baru at 09:00 AM and prayed together, organised by Mr Zakarias Horota (Chairman of FNMPP-Papua National Front of Youth and Students).
09:20 all peace demonstration left the front of Toko Baru and moved to the Cenderawasih University Campus and continued speeches by the front gate of the University.
10:05 one police police plus two more cars called Anvanza full with POLRI Dalmas (Mass Command) arrived at te front of Campus, complete with the automatic weapons guns and backed up by intelligence and BRIMOB on motorbike (Gegana). 20 police and 20 military plus more than 22 inntelligence surrounded campus and terrorised the students that the publicly speaking were, pressuring the students to stopthe rally. At the time Frenky and Marthin Luther Manggaprow were kidnapped by police inside their car. It was lucky to be seen because the situation was being continuously monitored (by a key witness who is currently being hunted by INtel), who told committee members. They went to police to ask what had happened and POLRI confirmed both of them (Frengky and Marthin Luther Manggaprow) are being held in Abepura Police jail.

At front of Campus Gate Mr Wilson Koha, Mr Edison Murib and Mr Markus Yenu were kidnapped, put inside the police and military car. Their mobile phones were confiscated by police and they were also tortured by police inside the car.
No Name of Victim Status / Identification Ket
1. Marthen L. Manggaprow Youth Victim now in police jail
2. Frangky Inekep Cenderawasih Unversity student Victim now in police jail
3. Wilson Akoha Cenderawasih University student Took inside the care torture and took his mobile phone
4. Edison Murib Cenderawasih University Student Got caught, beaten, interogated and than released.
5. Markus Yenu Youth Got caught, beaten, interogated and released.

What happen in Abepura on March 3rd 2008?
The Papuan youth, university students and the people of West Papua prepare for peace rally.

Why did they hold the rally?
To telling the government of Indonesia that their Government regulation no.77/2007 is completely opposite the special autonomy law no.21/2001. It absolutely opposite to truth, justice, peace, democracy and human rights. Papuan youths and students offered a lasting solution to the Indonesian government to choose a way that end the current confusion and encompasses truth, justice and peace: REFERENDUM.

How many Papuans got arrested in Jayapura?

1. Marhen Luther Manggaprow got caught when oration was on front of the Gate of Campus of University of Cenderawasih at Abepura, Jayapura, Papua.
2. Frangky Inekep got caught when oration was on front of the Gate of Campus of University of Cenderawasih at Abepura, Jayapura, Papua.
3. Mr Edison Waromi, S.H
Executive President of West Papua National Authority got caught in his home in Tanah Hitam, Abepura, Jayapura at 16:00 PM and now in Indonesian Police Regency level jail in Jayapura Town. The reason he got caught is because he has been taking responsibility for solving the root of the problem in West Papua which is the political problem that has never been challenged. He offered that the Indonesian government must prepare a referendum to the people of West Papua, as this is right and peacefu solution to solving the political demands by indigenous Melanesian for the future of their West Papua.

4. Drs. Dominggus Aronggear
Coordinator of Internal Affairs, West Papua National Authority got caught in his home in Surburb of Kota Raja Dalam, Jayapura at 17:PM and now in Indonesian Police Regency level jail in Jayapura Town. The reason he got caught is because he is a Internal Affairs, West Papua National Authority.

What tools were used? Six banner wrote:

 Revoke the United Nations General Assembly Resolution no.2504 that transferred West Papua territory to be part of Indonesia.
 Review the Act of Free Choice 1969, which is called by Papuans ‘Act of NO Choice’
 Special autonomy fail, Referendum is the right and democratic solution.
 Calling for international peacekeeping and human rights observers to monitor and save indigenous West Papua.
 Calling on the international community to list West Papua on the UN Decolonization Committee immediately.
 Calling to the government of Indonesia to must negotiate with West Papua National Authority as a Transitional Government of West Papua, because this is the genuine West Papua National Political Body created by indigenous Papua. The demonstration also told the government of Indonesia to stop lying to the World about who is the genuine national vehicle or body for West Papua aspirations. West Papua National Authority is West Papua National Body have 32 departments ready working together with all Papuans to build the future of West Papua.

20 Panflet

Three megaphone

On 4 March 2008 Indonesian police under Brigadir General Police Muhlis Wahab announced the police order no.Pol/P/395/III/2008, then gave order to Senior Sergeant Nurdin to summon Papuan youth and students for interrogation on police order letter No. Pol.Sp/388-398/III/2008. Those summonsed are:
1. Mr Etog Day, Youth (22 year sold)
2. Mr Markus Yenu, Youth (24 years old)
3. Mr Zakarias Horota, University Student (22 years old)
4. Mr Elias Jikwa, University student (22 years old)
5. Mr Charles Takimai, University student (21 years old)
6. Mr Sadrackh, youth (23 yeras old)
Reporter by Happy Daimboa
Mr Happy Daimboa, youth reporter from Serui, who was at the peace rally in Serui has been terrorised by the intelligence of Indonesia after his mobile phone took by a Indonesian intelligent name Wahyu.
Proof of this was obtained when Jacob Rumbiak contacted Happy Daimboa’s Mobile Phone number 001162 8524443741. This phone was answered by a Javanese voice and Jacob directly mentioned that “ha you are intelligence got happy’s mobile phone,’ he was answered “yes”.
Also Mr Wilson Uruwaya, Head of West Papua National Youth Chief of Council in Serui, had his mobile phone taken by Indonesian intelligence. He is now following by Indonesian intelligence and we hold grave fears for his safety.