Yapen Waropen regent faces 5.5 years for graft PDF Afdrukken

Prosecutors have demanded Daud Solleman Betawi, chief of Yapen Waropen in Papua, to serve 5.5 years in jail for his roles in misusing regional budget worth Rp 8.8 billion (around US$ 775,000) between 2005 and 2006.

The prosecutors of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) also demanded the defendant to pay Rp 200 million in fine or serve additional three months in prison should Daud fail to pay.

“We also demanded the defendant to return Rp 8. 6 billion to the state in restitution in addition to Rp 140 million we already confiscated from him. If Daud cannot return the money, he must serve another three years of jail term,” Sarjono Turin, one of the prosecutors told the Corruption Court.

The KPK alleged that the defendant had abused his authority in an embezzlement of land and building and natural resources taxes. The defendant is accused of taking Rp 2.9 billion and distributed Rp 6 billion to third parties.

The court will resume its session to hear the defendant's defense on April 15. (dre)