Indonesian Intelligence terrorise family of church leader for reporting about mining conflict PDF Afdrukken

Biak News May 28 2008.

Reverend Esron Abisay is the Head of Evangelical Christian Church of North Biak. He is also one of KPKC members Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation (JPIC).
In May 2008, he spent time to visit his flock in the Tablasupa villages in Jayapura destrict. When he was there he received information about a conflict in Tablasupa villages about the presence of Nickel Mining Exploitation in Tablasupa villages.
He wrote a report about this conflict and he sent to out to all sides.
When Revd Abisay went back to Biak his family have been intimidated for 24 hours a day by unknown people.
Here is Revd Abisay’s Report:

Nickel Mining Exploitation in Tablasupa villages- Papua Province
Nickel Mining Exploitation in Tablasupa villages has caused conflict.
Local people of these villages are living under intimidation.
(This case must be reported to all sides in locally, nationally and internationally so that steps can be taken to safeguard the local people in this area).
Papua News
North Dafonsoro area includes two local government districts;
Depapre and Ravenirara Districts. Depapre District includes 8 villages;
Entiebo, Tablanusu, Waiya, Amai, Tablasupa, Yapase, Wambena and Yewena. Ravenirara District includes 5 villages; Yongsu Spari, Yongsu Desoyo, Ormu Wari, Ormu Negeibe and Ormu Nagatawa.
Both of these districts is one of Customary areas in The Council of North Dafonsoro Customary People. And it also has 13 churches.
In 1952, the first researchers from the Netherlands, Mr. Decron and Mr Moronharap undertook the first research into the natural resources of this area.
In 1972, Mr. Renolfrom from the USA and Mr. Krufas and Mr Jhon from Germany arrived in the area. Their company is Pacific Nickel Inc. The next of researcher was Mr. David from England. WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) also undertook research in the Dafonsoro area.
In 1987, the Indonesian government decided (letter number 26, 1987) that 22,500 hectares of land in Dafonsoro was to be a Nature Protection area.
Many investors responded to the research about the area’s natural resources and tried to buy access to the resources.
Chronology of the Conflict:
1. On May 24, 2007, Mr. Obaja Apaseray and some of the villages’ tribal leader (called Ondoafi) held a meeting with their people in the Tablasupa villages. In the meeting they asked for information about what was happening about mining exploitation.
2. On Jun 29, 2007, the Jayapura Regency Government gave the right to mine nickel in the area to Tablasupa Nickel Mining Inc. This company is the property of the Indonesian State.
3. On July 1, 2007, Tablasupa Nickel Mining Inc held a meeting with local people to present a profile of the Company, but local people refused it.
4. On July 31 2007, some of the local people, Mr. Obaja Apaseray, Yosias Sorontuw and Deky Sorontouw, claimed they owned the land.
5. On August 1, 2007, Indonesian Police and Sinar Indah Perkasa Inc. took Mr. Obaja Apaseray from Tablasupa to Depapre, from Depapre to Jayapura and from Jayapura to Jakarta. Mr. Obaja Apaseray and these local people were accused of refusing to allow the Company to be in the area and of being part of a separatist group.
6. On February 24, 2008, local people protested in front of the Parliament of Jayapura Regency Government to reject Sinar Indah Perkasa Inc.
7. On February 28, 2008, local people blocked the road in these villages to protest against the company and to reject it. The protest of local people succeeded in stopping the company from doing the mining exploitation.
8. On March 6, 2008, local people met with the Jayapura Regency
Government. In this meeting the Government responded to the local people’s voice so the Government also refused this company permission to mine in this place.
9. On March 24, 2008, local people held a meeting and again refused the Company permission to exploit their land. To respond to the local people’s action, the Indonesian Police of Papua were present in this place to monitor the situation and collect information. The Company said the local people’s protest and refusal to allow the company to exploit the land was because they are Papuan separatists. So this company with its parent, the Indonesian State, used its security forces to intimidate the local people.
The Company reported to the Indonesian security forces that some young local people in this protest action were Papuan separatists.
15. On April 1, 2008, the 13 village triabal leaders held another meeting and decided to refuse nickel mining exploitation on their land.
16. On April 2, 2008, two Indonesia Army intelligence agents (from Intel POM) went to Yapase villages to interrogate local people. According to Enggelina Wafumilena (a 35 year old women), the two Indonesian army intelligence agents were questioning about the decision of the tribal leaders to refuse permission to the Company to mine nickel on their land.